Picture by Marysia Swietlicka
Casimir Geelhoed (NL, 1995) is an electronic musician, composer and software developer who explores expressive relations between software and sound.

Recurring themes in his musical work are overstimulation, introspection and fragility. Often making use of self-developed software, he is interested in the poetic potential of sound material transformed through digital means.

Geelhoed has created performances and installations for various festivals, including CTM Festival, Sonic Acts, Rewire, Fiber Festival, SPATIAL and Aural Spaces. He released music on the labels Janushoved, Posh Isolation & Post Hoc.

He has followed education in computer science, composition, music technology and sonology at the University of Amsterdam, the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the Utrecht School of Arts.

Casimir Geelhoed is a main software developer of 4DSOUND, an Amsterdam-based studio exploring spatial sound as a medium. He has also been technical director of spatial sound venue MONOM in Berlin.