Selected works

2023 Borderlands (sound installation (with Anni Nöps))
2023 the feeling of space expanding because of a person in the room (fixed media)
2023 Drift (live performance, hyperorgan & live processing) 
2023 My Words (live performance, electronics)
2022 Scatter, Swarm, Sublimate (spatial sound performance)

2022 Control (composition for voice and tape) *
2021 Strata (octophonic performance*  
2020 To Where The Dust Comes From (sound installation (with Anni Nöps))
2019 Collapse Don’t Collapse (CTM Festival) (spatial sound performance)
2018-2023 Whitespace (collaborative radio show (with Anni Nöps))
2017 Performance at Rewire Festival (audiovisual performance (with Dieter Vandoren))

2016 Ecologies of Listening (fixed media)

*: first iteration

Spatialisation & support

2023 Sculpting the Senses by Iris van Herpen at Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.
2022 Ocean Bloom by Sandipan Nath at Art Rotterdam.
2021 Transposition by Lobe at Frankfurt Book Fair.
2020 Constructed Silence by Henk Schut at Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam.
2019 Swamp Protocol by Anni Nöps at Arebyte, London.

2018 Jlin & Oneohtrix Point Never at Red Bull Music Festival, Saal Eins, Funkhaus, Berlin.

2018 Pan Daijing, Gaika & Fis at CTM Festival, Berlin.
2017 Croatian Amor, Thomas Ankersmit & HELM at the Grand Opening of MONOM, Berlin.
2016-2017 Imagining the Hyperspace by IOANN at Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest.
2016 Mark Fell, J.G. Biberkopf & Murcof at Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest.


2023 September *

2023 Sea, Air, You
2023 Collapse Don’t Collapse
2022 10,000 gushes (Casimir rework) *

2018 Layer Three (Another World) *

2017 HOEK - Haven *

*: remix/compilation

Selected software

2016-now 4DSOUND Engine (with Stijn van Beek, Poul Holleman & others)

Workshops & lectures

2023 Scatter, Swarm, Sublimate: composing with particle systems at NOTAM, Oslo & “Exploring Spatial Sound” with Amoenus, London 


2022-2023 Creative Industries NL - Project Grant
2022-2023 Richard Thomas Foundation - Grant
2022 Gebrandy Cultuurfonds - Subsidy
2021 Creative Industries NL - Starting Grant