Collapse Don’t Collapse (CTM Festival)

A spatial sound piece for the 57-speaker 4DSOUND system at MONOM, commissioned by CTM Festival Berlin for the 2019 edition of their festival, with the theme "Persistence". The piece was performed three times during the festival next to performances by Drew McDowell.

It was also performed/presented at Negative Space at De School (Amsterdam) in 2019, during the Sound Sculptures series at MONOM in 2020 and during the 4DSOUND in Residence residency at Stone Nest in 2023.

"The piece explores anxiety, confusion, overstimulation, and struggle, offering a tale of endurance and hope through persistence. Built on a language of distorted realities, surreal shifts in distance and dimensions, abrasive sound design and fragilely drifting elements of melancholic reflection, it is an abstract recollection and reliving of personal experience. With his hyperreal and metaphorical representation of tension and fragility, Geelhoed ultimately aims to make full use of the expressive, sound-theatrical abilities that the 4DSOUND system has to offer."
- Programme announcement.

"It’s not a place where you need to wander around awkwardly to find a sweet spot between all the speakers and subs – the entire space sounds phenomenal, but tracking through and paying attention is an experience in itself. The sounds shift perceptively, but don’t lose quality – movement simply modifies the experience. Geelhoed’s set was an expert demonstration of the system’s capabilities, with heaving tones scraping through the venue like ghosts, moving through solid objects, in and around the pillars."
FACT Magazine review.

Pictures by Udo Siegfriedt.