Collapse Don’t Collapse (mixtape)

Self-released cassette & digital.

The material of Collapse Don’t Collapse was originally developed for a spatial sound performance presented as part of CTM Festival (themed Persistence) at Berlin’s MONOM, exploring psychological themes of confusion, fear, overstimulation and struggle for control.

This record is a reworking of this material in a pure form, reimagining it as a 32-minute ‘noise mixtape’ - a collection of expressive sound collages created during a time of personal instability. In Collapse Don't Collapse, this fragility is experienced and expressed as a set of expansive and cacophonous sound worlds inflected with an interplay of fear and delicate hopeful emotionality.

Cover art by Marysia Swietlicka.
Design by Luca van Grinsven.
Thanks to Anni Nöps & James Ginzburg.