Red Bull Music Academy

Commissioned by Red Bull Music Academy and MONOM, 4DSOUND created the “Symphonic Sound System”. One of the largest spatial sound systems in the world, the Symphonic Sound System harnessed the pristine acoustics of Saal 1, the legendary orchestral recording hall within Funkhaus Berlin. The floating array of 102 omnidirectional speakers, custom designed by 4DSOUND, enveloped both artist and audience in rich spatial detail, inviting exploration of new symphonic territories within the walls of the storied venue.

Participants of the Red Bull Music Academy were introduced to the universe of spatial sound perception, composition and performance with a series of lectures on 4DSOUND’s giant spatial system. Electronic music iconoclast artists Oneohtrix Point Never and Jlin presented ambitious works using 4DSOUND’s spatial synthesis and flexible control platform, re-contextualising their signature sound design into inhabitable sonic worlds.

I was in charge of the software side of this extensive production, which run on a customly made version of our 4DSOUND Engine. I also oversaw and contributed to the spatialisation of the performances by Oneohtrix Point Never and Jlin.